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TV Antenna Rotors and Accessories
If you are looking for a TV rotor or rotator, you can decide whether to buy at a local store or online.  ALWAYS compare rotor or rotator prices before ordering. You don't have to buy to compare prices and to find out what is included for that priceDon't lose money because you did not check!
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Rotors (Rotators)


-One Piece High Alloy Aluminum Construction, TESTED TO 70 MPH WINDS
-Requires 3-Wire Rotator Cable

TV Antenna Rotor and Accessories

     Also, if you have multiple TVs , and your family members want to watch or record  different channels in different rooms, this could be a problem if the antenna needs to be pointing in different directions.   If you are a channel surfer,  you might not like to wait for the antenna to rotate.   Some people just use omnidirectional antennas to avoid some of the problems mentioned with a rotor.   You decide!

RCA VH126N Antenna Auto Rotator with Remote

-Programmable memory & digital display controller
-Includes hardware kit, controller unit & IR remote

Channel Master CM 9521A Complete Antenna Rotator System with Infra-Red Remote Control

-Auto synchronization ensures accurate positioning
-Direct access via channel number or compass location
-69 Channel programmable memory

Magnavox M61415 Automatic Outdoor Antenna Rotator

-Designed to turn and accurately position even the largest TV antenna
-Highly accurate synchronous motors
-Unit shuts off automatically and draws no current until it is activated
75' 3-conductor
Round Rotor Wire

Pro Brand International ROTOR PBI Single Cable Off Air Antenna Rotator

-PBI Single Cable Off Air Antenna Rotator
-Off Air Antenna Rotator

RCA VH127N Antenna Rotator Cable

-RCA Vh127N Antenna Rotator Cable
-Brand: RCA
-Connects Outdoor Antenna Rotor To Indoor Base Unit
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The TV antenna rotor or rotator offers better reception with precise tuning and the flexibility to sweep and search for all stations from all directions.   You may find a rotor helpful if you are using a directional antenna, but your desired channels are spread out in several directions.
     A rotor allows you to position or aim your outdoor antenna from a remote or console inside  your house.  This is a possible solution instead of having two antennas pointed in opposite directions, and it sure beats going up on the roof or climbing a pole to aim your antenna.
     There are pros and cons to buying and installing a rotor.  A rotor does allow you to rotate your antenna to the exact spot to receive a particular channel or group of channels.   Unless your TV tuner allows you to manually enter channels or memorizes and locks in channels (so you don't lose them when you rescan in a different direction), this could become problematic!  You must rescan (auto-scan) for available channels each time you move your antenna in order to receive any “new” channels.

Pros and Cons to Buying and Installing a Rotor