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Television Free--Why Pay?

Nothing is completely free--somebody always pays.
     In the case of television broadcasts, advertisers pay  for the broadcast through commercials shown by the network.  The advertisers are paying for your  free TV in hopes you buy their product.
     You would think that with the competition among satellite and cable providers, the rates would be much lower.  Instead, we find the rates very comparable.  Actual prices are often obfuscated by deals to grab your eye and to get you to switch and/or sign up.  Also, you need to get out the Magoo  glasses to read the fine print to see what the actual rates are or will be in a year or when the special catchy offer ends!

Are you ready to cut the cord or break the dish?

...And...other catchy offers:

Shouldn't competition keep the charges low

"...if by the end of the promotional price period the customer does not contact [the company] to change, the services will automatically continue at the then prevailing rates...."
...Free HBO for the first 3 months---and---[this price] for the first 12 months
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     In all fairness, cable and satellite providers do offer a service in areas where OTA signals are poor or not available.  Of course, nobody expects them to do this for free, and they do deserve to make a profit.  Also, additional non-broadcast networks (e.g., TBS, TNT, FX) and premium channels (e.g., HBO, Showtime) are not available OTA. 

Why are so many people paying for television broadcasts

that are sent out over the air (OTA), often in high definition (HD)--that are already paid for by advertisers?  
Why are many people cutting the cord, breaking the dish or just staying with OTA? 
"We like cable and satellite."