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TV Antennas and Accessories
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Indoor TV Antennas

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Terk HDTVa Indoor Amplified High-Definition Antenna for Off-Air HDTV Reception

-Amplified indoor HDTV antenna engineered to receive VHF channels and UHF channels.
-Optimized to receive all HDTV channels for free local high-definition entertainment when used with a compatible TV or TV/receiver
-Exclusive Dual-Drive Amplifier ensures clear reception of both distant and close HDTV and DTV stations

Mohu Leaf Ultimate Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

-Amplified with Clean Peak filter technology
-Reversible, paintable, and easy to install
-Multi-directional; no pointing needed
-50 mile range

Outdoor TV Antennas

RCA ANT751R Outdoor Antenna Optimized for Digital Reception

-Optimized for digital reception and outperforms many larger antennas
-Supports all digital and analog TV frequencies including VHF, UHF and 1080 signals
-Extended range with signal reception quality up to 40 miles
-Ultra-small design needs less than 1 meter of space for placement where
traditional antennas do not work
-Easily installs outdoors or in attic with snap lock elements and fold out assembly

Winegard HD7694P High Definition VHF/UHF Antenna

-High Gain On Both VHF and UHF Frequencies For Uninterrupted DTV
-Precision Mounted Electronics For Ultra Efficient Transfer Of Digital Signal
-Hi VHF/UHF Antenna Optimized For Channels 7-69
-Range Up To 50 Miles

Eagle Aspen Dtv2Buhf Directv 2-Bay Uhf Antenna

-UHF TV Antenna For Digital & Analog Reception
-Receives All UHF Channels, 14-69
-For HDTV In Metropolitan Areas
-Easy Assembly & Installation

Antennas Direct DB4E Antenna

-Receives Crystal Clear UHF HDTV Signals
-The perfect backup in case of emergencies or bad weather
-65+ Mile Range
-Lifetime Warranty

Antennas Direct DB8 Extreme Range Multi-Directional 'Bowtie' UHF DTV Antenna

-70+ Mile Range
-Lifetime Warranty
-Receives Crystal Clear UHF HDTV Signals
-The perfect backup in case of emergencies or bad weather

Winegard HD8200U Platinum HD VHF/UHF Antenna

-VHF/UHF Antenna
-Turning Radius:101 inches 69 Active Elements: 34 VHF and 35 UHF Boom Length: 168
-Includes weather proof cartridge house for download module with 75 Ohm coaxial connection.

PCT International CM2016 Channel Master Television Antenna

-Compact outdoor TV antenna
-Reception Range: Channels 7 thru 69 up to 35 Miles
-Receives digital/HDTV & analog UHF/HIGH VHF TV signals
-Turning Radius: 34 in

AntennaCraft HBU33 85 Boom HBU Series Antenna for UHF and High-Band VHF - 70 to 60 Mile Range

-Medium Directional Antenna for Fringe Areas
- 85 Boom Length
-31 Electronic Elements
-Range Up to 70 Miles VHF High-Band (Channels 7-13)
-Range Up to 60 Miles UHF Band (Channels 14-69)

Antennas Direct C2-V-CJM ClearStream 2-V Long Range UHF/VHF Indoor/Outdoor DTV Antenna with 20-Inch Mount

-Receives Crystal Clear UHF/VHF HDTV Signals
-The perfect backup in case of emergencies or bad weather
-Range 50+ Miles, Beam Width of 70 degrees
-Lifetime Warranty

Channel Master CM 4228 8-bay HDTV/UHF Antenna CM4228HD

-Receives digital and analog UHF and high-band VHF TV signals
-60 mile range for UHF
-45 Mile range for VHF
-75-ohm coax output
-Roof or Attic installations
-Antenna Size: 113 x 95 x 22 Inches

Channel Master CM 3020 UHF / VHF / FM HDTV Antenna 

-Pre-assembled outdoor TV antenna
-Picks up UHF, VHF, FM and HD
-Antenna Size: 152 x 95 x 22 Inches
-Superior signal strength in weak signal locations

RCA ANT3038XR Digital HD Outdoor Antenna

-Constructed of high-tensile aluminum for extra strength
-Simplifies installation with pre-assembled design
-Receives local HDTV/VHF/UHF signals
-Supports 1080 resolution

Winegard HD7698P HDTV High Band VHF-UHF Antenna

-Optimized For Channels 7-69
-Range Up To 60 Miles
-75 Ohm Down Lead Connection
-Max Width: 53.5 inches

TV Antennas and Accessories

     If you are looking for an indoor or outdoor TV antenna, you can decide whether to buy at a local store or online.  ALWAYS compare antenna prices before ordering. You don't have to buy to compare prices and to find out what is included for that priceDon't lose money because you did not check!
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Mediabridge Coaxial Digital Audio Video Cable

Need coax?

Cable Extension Adaptor

TV Antenna

will enable you to watch FREE HDTV.
     A specific antenna may be indicated depending on whether you are in a weak, moderate or strong signal area.
     Other factors will help you make the decision, e.g., like the

direction and grouping

of your area TV stations transmitters (TVST), the

terrain or obstacles

between you and the TVST,  and whether the TV channels are being broadcast on


Direction and Grouping
Terrain or Obstacles
     You may have to


to see if a rotor and/or an amplifier can help improve/maintain your

signal strength

.  Station finders provide you with some basic information, but the true test is finding what really works at your location.
Signal Strength

Mohu Leaf Paper-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna

- Made in USA
Easy to install, Passive/Multidirectional with 35+ mile range; includes 6ft High Performance Cable
-HDTV Compatible
-Adjustable/retractable VHF dipoles extend up to 36" to improve reception of channels
-UHF loop for improved reception of channels 14-69
-Off air reception of local channels
-Attached 6 75 ohm coaxial hook-up cable with F connector for easy hook-up

RCA ANT1650R Flat Digital Amplified Indoor TV Antenna

-Patented design specifically for 360 degree digital TV reception eliminates adjustments
-Receives local HD and DTV broadcasts and supports 1080 resolution
-Enhances reception with included amplifier and purifies signal with ELN circuitry

RCA Basic Indoor Antenna

-Receives Crystal Clear UHF HDTV Signals
-The perfect backup in case of emergencies or bad weather
-45+ Mile Range
- Lifetime Warranty

Antennas Direct DB2E Antenna

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