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      Hard economic times have forced some viewers to get creative in balancing their budget. 

OTA TV provides an economical way of getting TV programs without sacrificing the entertainment portion of your budget

.  If you can live without some of the non-broadcast and/or premium channels, OTA HDTV is a reasonable option.  Some of those channels and/or programs are available in other formats from other sources.

     The best part, some argue, is that OTA HDTV is
FREE!  That deal is hard to beat.
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      For the last 40 years or so, quite a few people just assume that television is something that is supplied by cable or satellite.   "It may be a generational thing--they never saw or noticed a TV antenna!"  Those who are old enough to remember the huge TV antennas on the roof or the small indoor antenna ("rabbit ears") recall some of the problems with receiving a clear signal.
     Poor reception is the reason many switched from antenna to cable or satellite years ago.  Many of these problems were related to the broadcast technology (analog).
     Also, many OTA digital broadcasts are now in

high definition (HD)

.  The old analog non-HDTVs receiving analog broadcast signals weren't capable of receiving a broadcast in HD resolution.   Today, rather than  providing just one analog program, a broadcast station is able to offer a sharp high definition (HD) digital program or several standard definition (SD) digital programs simultaneously. 
So what's different now?
  Television signals are now broadcast with the new ATSC digital standard, rather than the old analog signals you may have received on your NTSC analog TV tuner just a few years ago.  In simple language:  It has been improved--BIG Time + We have HDTVs!
     If you haven't looked lately at what you can get over the air--FREE-- you are in for a BIG surprise!
  If you connected your HDTV to an antenna, you would probably be amazed at how many channels, you can receive and in HD [FREE].  You will be really  impressed if you are just receiving standard definition (SD) resolution (no HD) via your cable company.)  With a few antenna adjustments you may improve your reception.  Unfortunately, some folks won't get a good signal because of terrain, distance from the TV transmitter towers, or other factors, and you will still need cable or satellite.
     Data compression is used by cable and satellite providers.  This allows them to offer you many channels, but the compression may result in a compromised picture quality.   OTA broadcast are not compressed, and some argue that the HD picture on your TV from an OTA signal is much crisper.

How many channels can I get at my location?

  There are several station locator links coming up for you to check your specific location.  Also, you can check the Titantv site to see what TV programs are offered.