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Should you get new textbooks for college or used ones?  Are you looking to buy textbooks, rent textbooks, download eBooks, or even sell your textbooks? 

     Should you buy them at the college/university bookstore or look online for the best deals?  Should you buy from a student who had the class last semester?
     The answers to these and other questions that you may have about purchasing your textbooks for class may be different depending on your specific circumstance.  For example, if your brother or sister has the required textbook from last semester, and your parents are paying for your books, the answer is easy.

But if another student that you don't know has a book for sale, you need to do your homework, i.e., what does the book cost in the bookstore, is it a hard to find book and possibly not available anywhere else, is it the correct edition for the class and the instructor (is it on the class outline?), will you get the book the exact time you exchange cash, what is the condition of the book?  

     If you are purchasing from a private bookstore, a college/university bookstore or from an online store, you want to find the best deals on discount textbooks.  Some stores give students the option to rent textbooks.
     I always tried to find a paperback version, if available, to help the students with book costs.  Paperback versions of a textbook are cheaper, but are not available for every hardback version.
Check for a paperback version--if available!
This is not a sales site!
Compare prices before you buy online or in a local store.
     Whatever your choice, make sure you get the correct edition (e.g., 4th Edition, 6th Edition,...) and correct copyright date (e.g., ©2014, ©2015...).  Sometimes a newer edition means more than a new cover

     The author(s)/editor(s) often update their work with new materials including photos, diagrams, Internet websites and/or new theories or concepts.  Also, sometimes a CD is included with the purchase, and you want the updated version or at least a CD that is not damaged.
New Textbooks vs. Used Textbooks:    Advantages and Disadvantages

Some stores enable you to save up to 90% on used textbooks and up to 30% on new textbooks--and get up to 70% back when you sell your textbook! You can buy online, or at your college or neighborhood bookstore.
*may be dated or older edition, may be worn and torn, highlighting may be incorrect and distracting, may be missing a CD or the CD may be damaged, may not be able to resell because of date/condition
*up to date or newer edition, no markings or writing, new CD, may be able to resell and recoup some $
*cheaper (If you are on a tight budget, this may be the way to go!)
$AVE Your Money:
Compare prices
BEFORE you buy or sell!
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