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Parental Supervision of Online Games at Home

     As with any type of Internet activity, parents should observe their child's web surfing.  Sometimes
free game websites run ads to help defray costs of maintaining a website, particularly if they are not selling a product.  Even with "R" type ads blocked on a site, sometimes ad writers/designers get creative!  Direct your child to games that you think are appropriate for their age group and your family values.

Electronics Environment

     Most children have computers in their homes and/or schools.  Many children have both electronic games and toys.  This exposure to electronic devices enables children to be familiar with and have the know-how to use many tools that were unknown to previous generations.

     Children are learning to operate these devices by observation and in some cases, actual instruction by parents, siblings or playmates. Once a child learns some basic mouse skills, many games can be found online for age-appropriate  educational entertainment and learning (P-12).  

     Many games online don't require specialized  knowledge.  Others help build knowledge and skills with challenging but attainable goals. There are educational games that teach the alphabet online and corresponding phonetic sounds.  Some teach, build and reinforce math skills, while some are intended for advanced students.  Today's electronics culture  has more information added daily. 

College Students/Student (practice)Teachers

     Student teachers are always looking for creative ways to keep their students on task.  Using the excitement created by a game is one way to help them learn things more effectively in the classroom. 
Student teachers can create their own games, have the students help or do it independently or in a group, or by going online to previewed websites.
...Sometimes games are just games.
Playing games often involves:
+achieving goals,
+problem-solving and/or
+overcoming obstacles
--abilities that educators admire!

Who Doesn't Like Games?

      Everyone likes to play games online.  We have been playing games since we were children, and most of us are still kids  at heart regardless of our chronological age.
Explore some different free online games to see which ones you like best!
"It just looks like a silly old game!"
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Games and Student Learning in School

     How does this affect instruction in the classroom? Today's educators are looking closely at students'

interactive learning style

.  The learning style of some students may be influenced by the "electronics" culture in which they have been immersed.  Games, aligned with their school curriculum, can help students "have fun" and remain engaged in learning.

Having Fun is Important for Balance

     Some games are just for fun!  Playing a fun game helps us to relax after a "hard" day at school (or work)!  It provides that temporary escape that we can all use.  Even if it is a game that you think might not be educational, you and/or your child may be acquiring some new skills, relaxing, or just having fun together.  Games, whether online or the old-fashioned board games, help make that family time special.

     Whether you are a parent, educator or future educator, you can use simulations and games to challenge children to think in new ways, apply their existing skills, and practice/learn new ones.  Games are fun, but also help us learn!

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Games provide hours of recreation that can be played free on many websites.  Playing games is fun and motivational.  When people want  to do something, learning follows naturally.