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    This is where

student aid

can help.  CAUTION: You should not have to pay to apply for a scholarship, so watch out for scams.  Also, some legitimate businesses charge for their services.  The site and/or your current or former high school guidance counselor should be able to help you for free!

     Some student aid can cover the costs of your college tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and transportation. This aid can also be used to help pay for a computer and childcare expenses. 

      Of course, grants and scholarships are better than taking out loans that you have to pay back.  However, getting a loan for something that you really want to do is better than going through life wondering what it would have been like had you taken on a loan.  Some grants and scholarships require that you give back in some way, e.g., like tutoring, donating your time after you get an education/degree.  Some have no strings!

Grants and scholarships

can come from many sources:  individuals, colleges/universities, professional organizations, employers, private corporations, nonprofits, religious groups, or the company where you or your parents work.  If you dig deep enough, you can find a scholarship based upon things you might not think about, e.g., award for being "small" or "tall."

      Check out the state that you live in for scholarships.  For example, in Pennsylvania:  Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, PA Cleanways Scholarship, PA House of Representative Scholarships.  Type your state name in your search engine followed by the other words ["

Your State Higher Education Assistance

"] e.g., "

Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance.

"  Here's another:

Maryland Higher Education Commission

.  Try other combinations.
     If you just graduated from high school or you are thinking about entering college as an adult (non-traditional student), you are probably wondering where to find some money to help with your college expenses.  Money for college comes easy for some--from a wealthy family. 

     Others have to search for funds to attend college because their family's income is above the guidelines for needs-based grants. 
If you do not think you are eligible for any money because of your family's financial status, let's look again. 
Grants, Scholarships, and Loans
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