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     The answer is YOU or the consumer!  Rich, poor or somewhere in between, everybody likes a discount or bargain that one gets by using promotional codes or coupons!  Of course, the company benefits from your business, and if you like the product, you will be back for more.

Who benefits by using coupons or promotional codes ?

How do you get coupons?

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     Sometimes when ordering from a specific company, you can enter their promotional code on their website.  Of course, there are the store coupons that you get in the newspaper and magazines.  Also there are Catalinas or CATs, the check out coupon that you get from the cashier at the register when paying for your purchases (to use on future purchases.)

CAT or "Check-Out" Coupon

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Use it or lose it:  "Make sure to check your store coupons."
     Wherever you get your discount coupons, you must use  them to receive any benefits.  Leaving them unorganized in a drawer won't save you a cent!  Make sure you check the expiration date. Note: Some coupons do not have expiration dates, but may have other restrictions like no photocopies of the coupon are permitted.
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What kind of coupons are out there?

     Too many to list!  But if you are making a purchase, there is probably a discount or coupon out there for you.  There are:  Grocery coupons, pharmacy coupons, toy coupons, candy coupons, restaurant coupons, just to name a few.

What stores take coupons?

     Just like above, there are too many to list.  Most department stores like Walmart and Target take coupons. Most food chains accept coupons, and some even double them!
    Some membership "bulk buy" stores accept certain coupons, but not others.  Some coupons limit the number of units that you can buy with the coupon, and bulk buying sometimes exceeds the limit.

Do all stores take all coupons?

     Some stores take quite a few manufacturer’s coupons, that is, coupons from a manufacturing company like General Mills or Colgate-Palmolive. Some stores only take their own store name coupons for their own specials, while some stores do not accept coupons.

     Some stores accept manufacturer’s coupons, as well as their own store brand coupons.  Again, be sure to check the
expiration datesSome stores will accept their competitor's coupons!
I hope you find lots of valuable coupons and promotional codes!
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Note:  Some coupon offers don't last long.
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Let us help you search for more coupon$!
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Note:  Some coupon offers don't last long. Our search engine can help hunt down the latest offers
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and Disclaimer
     There are printable coupons that print directly from the company's computer to your printer.  There are printable coupons that you can go to a company’s website and print off of their website or sometimes you can print the company's coupon found on another site.