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Games:  Do they help your brain?

     Young, old or somewhere in between, everyone wants to maximize and keep their brain power!  The good news is that you may have some control over this
(gray) matter.  There are free brain games available!

"Use it or lose it."  You may have heard this saying in a different context.  In any case, the brain loses its capacity to think if not stimulated on a regular basis.  The variety and complexity of stimulation that your brain receives can make a significant difference regarding its health.   Can games play a role?   Some researchers think so.

Brain Games

: Games to Improve Your Brain
Brain Pumping Iron
+problem solving
+visual spatial
Five Major Brain Areas:
      Say the colors  of the following words.  Don't read the words, but say the color of the words out loud.  For example, if the word red is printed in a blue color, you should say blue.  Say the colors as fast as you can!
Try this:
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   The brain receives conflicting information, i.e., what the words mean and the color of the words.  Each word has a strong influence over the ability to say the color
[see: Stroop Effect; interference]

     Was that easy?
Have Fun!
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Games and Your Brain

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Our brains need mental stimulation.

     You may have heard the expression "stuck in a rut."  Some routines are necessary and comforting.  But when we have a steady diet of the same events, activities and behaviors,
the brain may suffer from a lack of stimulation. 

     Our cognitive functions thrive and improve when faced with new thoughts, events, and challenges.  If new intellectual challenges are presented, one can reduce the risk for age-related memory loss.

Improve Memory + Focus

     That's why playing cognitive games can help some people improve their memory and the ability to focus.  Some people are able to train their brains to boost overall mental power and performance by using games.  This applies to children and adults.

There are hundreds of free puzzles and brainteasers websites, and many add new material quite often.  You can select from areas that interest you or something you would like to try, e.g., sports, academics, car chases, detectives, battles, obstacle courses, word games, clothes games and many others.
>>>Try something NEW!

Other things that may affect brain health:

+adults:  keep the alcohol consumption to a minimum
+adequate amount of sleep-sleep boost memory and allows your brain to process information
+just talking with another person can increase memory and cognitive skills (socialize)
+avoid harmful chemicals and certain food additives
+exercise-increased aerobic fitness may increase the number of new cells in the brain
+adequate diet + vitamins, minerals and supplements that your brain needs
+try new things that your brain has to learn (variety)

Be Happy!

     Make brain exercises part of your health strategy regardless of your age group.  Share what you learned here about brain health with others--relationships stimulate our brains. Hope you have success stimulating your brain.