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Backlinks are Important to SEO

Backlinks:  One of the biggest parts of SEO

     If you are the webmaster of a domain, you can use these backlink tools:

       Google Webmaster Tools
         Bing Webmaster Tools

     However, you may find the information incomplete, and not necessarily a timely representation of the  actual number of backlinks to your website.
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Some new free online backlink checkers have emerged.

     Unless you find an organization sponosored website  that is funded by donations or a website that depends upon sponsored advertisements to help offset costs, 
you really cannot expect someone to provide a complete, updated free backlink checker.  However, there are some that try to give you some free backlink checking.


     Most do provide a short list of backlinks, but nothing even close to the Yahoo Site Explorer.  If you are in beginning stages of your website and have around 100 backlinks, this may serve your purpose.

     Upon further examination, you may find that some are just a tease to get you to purchase a sometimes pricey piece of software (possibly with
recurring service fees) or to "upgrade to a premium account."  After close examination, and depending upon your needs, you may decide it is worth it.

     Others encourage you to "sign up" for
free trials to let you sample their software, while some give you a very small sampling.  A few are incomplete and some are obsolete.  Some website owners have just given up on checking backlinks and have turned to other techniques.

SEO Backlink Checker 2022:  Free Online

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Backlinks:  How important?

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Free online backlink checker tools help you to see all the incoming backlinks to your website (and your competitor's website).  You can find all kinds of backlink checker software available for sale over the Internet.  But everyone likes to get free things, and the online part makes it available immediately--with no obligation!

     "Come get backlinks related information for your website including links, ... anchor text and a follow/nofollow indicator."  You have seen the ads and articles, but are there any free online backlink checkers?  There were--but they all seemed to disappear. 

     Where do you go to find a free online backlink checker that actually functions in 2022? 

Yahoo Site Explorer

, one that many considered the

King of the Free Backlink Checkers

, is no longer available.

      Search engine optimization (SEO) is important to help get your website a high ranking and lots of traffic.   So you need to decide how important checking your backlinks regularly matters to your SEO.

     Many of the defunct  free backlink checkers utilized the Yahoo Site Explorer architecture to supply their software with data.  A quick search of some of these "satellite" websites shows that they are no longer functioning, although some websites are still indexed by some search engines.
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I checked just like you did!
"free online backlink checker"
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