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   Some items, like candy bars, are often "stolen" in school and/or on the way to and from school.  It is usually the "sellers" responsibility to come up with the cash when s/he claims that the "goodies" were stolen by some unknown perpetrators!  Some items REALLY do get stolen, and sometimes they just "disappear."
Multiple people always present and adult supervision may help cut down on unintended consequences!
Will your $ get to the intended organization? >>>
Check state and local laws as well as getting permission from mall management before soliciting donations or selling products.
Look at some different fundraising options to get some ideas and to compare!
Look at some different fundraising options to get some ideas and to compare!  Find out what others have done for past fundraisers.
FUNdraisers  should be FUN!
"...been there, done that...
Search this article for some ideas about fundraising for organizations.
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     There are many different ways to raise money for a school or other organization.  As mentioned above, some involve selling and others involve collecting box tops and coupons.

     Some clubs or organizations

collect recycle materials to make money

.  It can be a "donate your old items" or a "clean-up" activity.  Either way the public benefits as well as the collectors.
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Fundraising Ideas


Fundraising efforts are used by schools, religious groups, youth groups, and other organizations.  Explore which fundraising option might work best for your group.  Get some fundraising ideas in this article.