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Read the fine print!
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How to get Money for College
#5--Schools    Colleges, universities and some other post secondary schools offer grants and/or scholarships!    

Colleges and Universities--Institutional Grants

Don't forget to apply directly to a college or university.   Most schools offer various scholarships for their students.  Go to the website of the school where you plan on attending. 

Coordinate your timing on this:  Your application to the school, your acceptance, financial aid.  Talk to admissions and financial aid personnel.


University of Pittsburgh    Admissions and Financial Aid

Penn State                            Student Aid

        Some of the schools have special scholarshipsThis is how to find them:

       Example:  Type in your search engine:  "Bucknell University+art, dance, theatre scholarships" and you see this:

       -Arts Merit Scholarships

Try other college names in place of Bucknell  using the same formula.
#1 U.S. Gov't.
#2 State
#3 Money for Teachers
#4 Study Abroad
#5 Schools
#6 Community and Work
#7 Variety
#8 Other Organizations
See each one
#6--Community and Work

Foundation, Company, Religious Organization Grants

Foundation Grants

- grants offered by private nonprofit foundations.   Ask your school district personnel about local foundation grants.

            Example:  The ICCSD Foundation

Company Grants

- Ask your parents or guardians if their employer has any programs for the children of their employees.  There are some out there.

            Example: Allegheny County Bar Asso.

                               --If you are employed, maybe your employer offers scholarships
            Example:  McDonald's

Church or Religious Organizations

-Some religious organizations offer scholarships to their members and families.

            Example:  Catholic Aid

Try other names in place of "Catholic" or "McDonalds" or "ICCSD"  in the above examples using the same formula. 

"[your school district] Foundation"= Example: type in "Chambersburg Area School District Foundation" and you get CASD Foundation.

Try adding to or altering the name or add a state =Example: "Oklahoma Baptist Scholarship" and you get Oklahoma Baptist University.
There is something for everybody if you look and try hard enough.
#8--Other Organizations


for Italian Americans and Students of Italian Language -Check criteria on these scholarships. Some require certain ethnic decents, while others do not.


Search for other similar scholarships by substituting different  ethnic group names. 

Example:  Polish American Scholarships
Some Final Thoughts

+Make sure you read all the fine print on the websites.

+Look for links to other sites of interest.

+Check out the school you plan on attending.  Ask others about the school.

+Try to get grants and scholarships rather than loans that you have to pay back.

Some aid is better than NO aid.  Try, try, again!  Don't give up.  A $500 grant/scholarship is better than $0!

                     May your dreams come true.
Try searching for scholarships from other companies!

Type their name + scholarship

Ex: "Ford + Scholarships"
"Burger King + Scholarships"
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#7--Variety of Sites   For those who think that they don't qualify for anything!

Tall--Here is a scholarship for tall people.                                                         
Tall Scholarships

Are you interested in Math and Science?  Academic Competitiveness Grants are available to students for their first and second academic years of college. National SMART Grants are available to students for their third and fourth academic years of college.    (gov)                                                 
Math and Science

WALMART--The Walmart Foundation offers three scholarship programs and also administers the Walton Family Foundation Scholarship on behalf of the Walton Family Foundation.  Scholarships for Walmart associates and their Dependents .

Rhodes Scholarships--Each year, 32 U. S. citizens are among more than 80 Rhodes Scholars worldwide who take up degree courses at Oxford University.
Rhodes Scholarships
Target--If you've volunteered in your community in the past, you should consider applying for the Target All-Around Scholarship.
TARGET   Possibly not available at this time, but other grants to schools may be available.  Check again.

National Merit Scholarship--To enter the competition, a high school student must take the PSAT/NMSQT®  at their high school or approved location in the specified year of high school and meet NMSC's published program participation requirements.
National Merit Scholarship

McDonald's-Scholarship program honors outstanding high school seniors who demonstrate leadership, character, exceptional scholastic skills, and volunteerism.
McDonald's Scholarship

LOOK for others by typing in the company's name +"scholarship" on your computer search engine.

The Mitchell Scholarship-Criteria for the scholarship are: academic performance/potential, a record of community service, and financial need.

Lowe's-This scholarship is open to both Lowe’s employees and the community. Winners are selected based on academic performance, leadership, community involvement and/or work experience.
"If you can't find $omething here, you aren't looking hard enough!"
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