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      A résumé is a document that contains a summary of relevant job experience and education.  A cover letter sent to a prospective employer helps create interest in the applicant's résumé or CV.  The cover letter and the résumé should be part of any employment packet that you send.

     Your résumé
highlights  your accomplishments to show a potential employer that you are qualified for the work you are seeking.  If you pad your résumé, even a rookie HR person will notice this.  It is not a comprehensive list of your accomplishments.   Make each word count.

     You can include some  details about any of your extracurricular and volunteer experiences, and try to relate  them (skills acquired) to the job you are seeking.  Also, include any part-time or temporary jobs that you have held, emphasizing what transferable skills   you acquired on these jobs, e.g., ability to compromise, ability to communicate effectively. 

     Include experiences from high school if your list of activities is small, e.g., officer of Future ___ of America, member of golf team, volunteered at the local hospital, helped raise funds for the local library, tutored my neighbor's children.

look over other sample or real résumés to get more ideas.  There are many acceptable styles and templates to follow.  Find one that you feel confident using!
Begin to Write...The hardest part!
If you just graduated from college and don't have a lot of experience: Highlight your student teaching activities and related jobs to build up your résumé.  The résumé will become larger as you gain more experience and additional certifications/degrees.
Collect your documents and just jot down a few ideas to get started--then refine the details.  Once you have something written down, you can add and delete items as you read other sample résumés.
Caution: Don't make up stuff, i.e., TELL the TRUTH!
Need help in finding other resume samples?
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Need help in finding other resume samples?
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