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Cover Letter Sample-S

Cover Letter--Jobs

Here are some tips--the sample follows below.
    A job application letter  or cover letter is a letter written to a potential employer to present your qualifications and express interest in a position.  It accompanies your résumé or curriculum vitae (CV), serves as an introduction to your résumé/CV, and provides additional information.

     Always include a cover letter even if the job source advertisement does not specify that one is needed.  Your cover letter should be customized for each potential place of employment, although you could use the same basic pattern if it is for the same job title. 

     Your job salary will probably be "as per contract," although you may have some qualifications like "years of experience" and a graduate degree that may generate additional compensation.  Do not mention salary in the cover letter, unless the ad source specifies to do this.

     Don't state your whole life history; just mention some things that might make you stand out  from other candidates.   Remember, this cover letter is to get your "foot in the door."  Don't recap your résumé here, but you can make some references to it if you have something dazzling  that points out your work habits, e.g., earned the "top customer service award" while working at ____ or the "compassionate social services award" from the _____.

     It's okay to include information about any athletic endeavors and other activities here, but it should not dwarf your academic achievements.  Coaches and activity sponsors are needed, and this may make your cover letter sparkle

     Interviewers don't have time to read short stories; the details are in your résumé or curriculum vitae.  Keep your cover letter brief--remember this is a tease !   Brief cover letters may be read fully, while long boring ones might be read superficially. Use this space wisely!

review other cover letters for more ideas. There are many suitable styles and templates to follow.  Find one that you feel comfortable using!

A cover letter to get that job!

Cover Letter for a Secondary School Teaching Position

-Middle School-Junior High School-High School
If you are still in college, you can pick up a few ideas of what experiences and jobs look good on a cover letter/résumé.
Watch for and seek opportunities!
Before graduating:
Look over other cover letters
to get ideas to help develop your own
and to make yours stand out!