Amateur Radio
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Amateur Radio

How do I get a ham radio license?

     In the U.S., you need to be licensed by the Federal Communications Commission  (FCC) to legally operate on the amateur (or "ham") radio bands.  There are three license classes:  Technician, General and Extra.  Additional privileges are earned as you progess from technician to general to extra.  You must pass a multiple choice test for each area that you want to be licensed.  Learning and passing the Morse Code Exam is no longer a requirement! 
+Technician +General +Amateur Extra
You can remain at the technician level or you can take an additional test to progress to the general class.  You may wish to take another test and progress to the amateur extra level!
...but first you need a transceiver (radio) and a license issued by the FCC.
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Your first transceiver!
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...but learning Morse Code or CW (continuous wave)   is fun and something you can do later!
Learning and passing the Morse Code Exam is no longer a requirement...
You can communicate over the air around the world with amateur "ham" radio ....................................and maybe outer space (Space Station)!