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Water Filters
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Sprite HO-WH High Output Shower Filter, White

This Filter Uses The Hoc Cartridge, Which Will Not Need To Be Replaced for An Entire Year!

Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mount 10,000 Gallon Capacity Filtered Showerhead, Chrome Finish

Anti clog rubber spray nozzles and 10,000 gallon filter capacity

Shower Water Filters

Do you really need one?--------->YES!--------->Why?  


is used to disinfect water, killing bacteria and other microorganisms.  Public water systems often use chlorine or chloramine (chlorine + ammonia) in order to disinfect the water supply.
When we drink water, some substances are partially filtered out by our kidneys and digestive system.  When you shower or bathe, the heat opens your pores and increases your risk for chlorine and/or chloramine exposure.  Chlorine or chloramine can enter the body through skin absorption or through the eyes, ears, and nose, i.e., allows vapors to go into your lungs.  Chlorine/chloramine vaporizes in hot shower water, is inhaled, then enters the blood stream.
Showering and bathing in chlorinated or chloraminated water may expose us to even more chlorine and chloramine than drinking disinfected water. Your skin, the body's largest organ, can absorb many substances.
Remember:  Some shower filters will reduce/filter chlorine, but you may still have to deal with chloramine **, fluoride, and other additives. Some shower filters claim to "filter" chloramine but do not say how much it reduces or neutralizes. Some shower filters use a Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) cartridge to neutralize chlorine and chloramine.  Ask your water company what chemicals they use to treat your water supply. Choose the best system that you can afford after researching the type of chemical water treatment used in your area.
Whole house water filters* are the best way to filter your water--but can be very expensive. A whole-house filtration system is your best choice to remove chlorine, ammonia, chloramine, DBPs and other contaminants from your water system. A whole house water filter eliminates all the individual water filters on each faucet, e.g., kitchen, bath, laundry.

whole house filter

connects to the main water line entering your house so that all of the water dispensers in your house (e.g.,faucets, toilets, showers, baths, laundry) dispense treated water.  The whole house water filter system can be split to bypass water filtration for outside hose bibs, e.g., washing the car, washing the driveway, watering your flowers/garden--if you want filtered water here, you can designate a specific water line.  This type of filter system is positioned on your main water supply line (cold) before  it goes to any faucets, appliances or hot water tanks.  Like all filters, a whole-house water filtration system requires periodic maintenance,e.g.,changing filters.

There are different types of whole house filter systems.  Check to see if the system you are looking at filters all of the items that you want filtered, e.g., not all whole house water filters filter out chloramine!  Read the description on the sales site. Some just filter out sediment and a few contaminants.  Read the customer's comments and evaluate them.

"I have a water softener.  Does it filter chlorine/chloramine?"
The main purpose of a water softener  is to remove hardening  minerals like calcium and magnesium from the water.  Water softeners do not remove dangerous chemicals or bacteria.


, which consists of a mixture of chlorine and ammonia, is added to the water in many cities as a substitute for

free chlorine


To remove chloramine

, an extensive carbon filter (to remove the chlorine part of the chloramine molecule) followed by a reverse osmosis or cation filter (to remove the ammonia) is necessary.  For high flow uses like showering and bathing, a whole house filtration system is necessary to effectively remove chloramine.  There are no certified showerhead filters to remove  chloramine.  The high flow rate and large volume of water passing through a showerhead renders the showerhead filter useless for filtering chloramine.  Sink water filters (kitchen and bathroom) for chloramine handle low flow, cold water  conditions only.
It disinfects!
Everyone wants clean water.
If you are just looking for a shower filter at this time:
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Chlorine and chloramine can strip the skin of its natural oils and causes it to dry and crack, which could cause wrinkles!
You need to make an educated decision on what is "safe" and healthy for you to bathe in or drink.  You need to select a filter that works with the chemicals your water company uses, i.e., if they use chlorine, chloramine, or something else.

There are many types of filters,e.g., whole-house, faucet-mount, under-sink, showerhead, bath ball (for tub).
The GOOD -  The BAD -  and the UGLY!
The BAD!

Shower Water Filter System

+Removes/reduces chlorine (some neutralize chloramines)
    +Removes/reduces certain contaminants
    +Eliminates/reduces absorption of certain chemicals
Possible health side effects, e.g.,respiratory problems, skin and eye irritation.
It doesn't enhance your beauty!

Whole House Water Filter


-Removes over 90% of chlorine for softer skin and shinier, healthier hair
-Enhances pH balance for the purest shower possible
-2.5 gallons per minute of ultra-filtered high quality water

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System
with Adjustable Showerhead

Note:  Well water should be filtered for other chemicals and contaminants even though no chlorine may be present.

VITASHOWER SF-1 (Vitamin C Shower Filter)

The Vitashower Shower Filter releases the exact amount of vitamin to neutralize all chlorine or chloramine as the water passes through the shower filter.
Hit the Compare Price button below when you find a filter you like or want more information about.  Then see if you can match the price. 
Rationale for using these chemicals:
The health risk is far lower than drinking/using undisinfected water. 
Find the water filter that filters the desired chemicals/contaminants.  Then read the customer reviews of the effectiveness of the product and durability before purchasing!

Vitamin C Handheld Showerhead Chlorine Filter

    -Removes 99.9% of chlorine and chloramines from tap water by using Vitamin C
    -Easy to install and use.
    -2 Spray patterns and off position with switch control. Durable resin housing with chrome finish
    -Up to 50% Water saving, Environmentally Safe, Meets EPA Water Sense Criteria
    -Improves dry, irritated and itchy skin conditions caused by chlorine

Sprite HO-WH-M Universal Shower Filter and 3 Setting Shower Head, White


Pelican Premium Shower Filter

-Certified to Filter Chlorine 96%
-Reduces skin dryness, flakiness
-Transforms your shower into a spa experience!
-Maintains shower pressure

Pelican Shower Filter Replacement

Filters 96% Chlorine and filters Chloramines and other chemical contaminants
-This filter fits the Pelican PSF-1, PSF-1W and PSF-1NH shower filters
-Lasts 9 months or 15,000 gallons.
-'Quick Connect' for simple and easy filter change

However, this treatment has a downside.
Vitamin C is an effective dechlorination agent.
Some shower filter manufacturers use
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to neutralize chlorine and chloramine.  Vitamin C has been used for many years to neutralize chlorine and chloramine, e.g., industry, aquarists, dialysis centers.  Some users of these shower filters state that the Vitamin C filter is very effective for neutralizing chlorine and chloramine.  Some users state that the vitamin cartridge is depleted too quickly with some brands, i.e., need to replace the filter cartridge frequently; and the plastic shower filter housing material is substandard on some models.
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