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Adaptive Defrost Control
Here's what you find here: ADC info, photos. diagrams, step-by-step instructions on how to replace an ADC.

What is the adaptive defrost control?


Adaptive Defrost Control

"Oh No--Not again!"
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Does your refrigerator have a mechanical timer or an adaptive defrost control
     The adaptive defrost control basically does the same job as a defrost timer and more.  Like the defrost timer, it shuts off the refrigerator cooling devices and redirects the power to the defrost heater for the defrosting cycle.  It then redirects the power to the compressor and fans to come back on when the defrost cycle is over.  Some also record and make calculations to help make the cycle more accurate.
     You may have had this board replaced a short time ago.  Yes, the new one can become defective over time!  Just replacing it once is no guarantee that you will not have to replace it--again!
Know your limitations and call a repair person if necessary! 
How to Replace the ADC
UNPLUG the Refrigerator!
Can we assume that your refrigerator is empty, since you are replacing the ADC? The refrigerator/ freezer should be empty to help you work and to avoid contaminating/ruining food.  Do you really know how long it will take to effect a repair? >>>Food Storage TIPS!
For more information and/or to illustrate, you can right click on some photos/images  to enlarge them for a better view.  Move your mouse over a word or photo and it will change if it is a link (highlight, change color, a hand may appear).
First, become familiar with the parts and location!
The adaptive defrost assembly (ADC) on this model is located in the refrigerator  compartment.  Your model may differ from the illustrations, but the same principles apply. 
Top of the

Refrigerator Compartment

ADC location (in red area) up under the refrigerator light panel
If your refrigerator is an "older model" or has never had the


replaced, you will probably find an uncovered computer board.
Here is a view from above (inside) with the

control panel

pulled down slightly.
The hardest part of this repair is removing the plastic cover in the ceiling of the refrigerator compartment to get to the ADC.  Lots of photos, illustrations and step-by step instructions to ease your pain coming up.
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can have one or the other, not both!  The adaptive defrost control (ADC) is usually behind a cover, so you cannot see it like you see the ice maker.  You can tell by the brand name and model number or by taking the refrigerator apart--you decide.  (locate model number tag)
     Remember to test your defrost heater and thermostat first.  If they test out okay, replace the ADC.
Help Locating the ADC
Location Location Location