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Refrigerator Parts--Defrost System
Remove the two light bulbs (#18) from the sockets (#17).

There are two keyhole slots that will allow the heat shield (
#19) to move then drop after removing the two hex head screws.  This should allow you to remove the dial face (#23) from the heat shield. 

Just remove the dial face,
NOT the arms (#4 & 5).

Some models have two additional Phillips head screws near (above) the light sockets in the heat shield (remove them), and one hex screw on the d/t control housing (
#1) rear wall near the top.
Adaptive Defrost Control
Inside the refrigerator compartment with the heat shield and damper/temperature control panel housing pulled down for illustration. Some models allow this flexibility--some are not this forgiving!
Here's what you find here: ADC info, photos. diagrams, step-by-step instructions on how to replace an ADC.

Adaptive Defrost Control Repair

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UNPLUG the Refrigerator!
electric shock
...and of course, the contents should be removed.
You may find taking a few digital photos (of your specific refrigerator) as you disassemble the housing will help you reassemble it.
Remove light shield cover (#21) by grasping the top front of the control panel to drop the front down a little. 

In the rear of the cover (
#21) are several  slots/holes that will help you slide (with your index fingers) the cover forward.  
Note: The bottles were placed inside and the lights are on to illustrate and orient you to the position of the cover.  You will remove the contents and unplug before starting as previously noted!
*You may have to loosen the hex screw(s) on the water filter holder (#24) on some models in order to remove the light shield cover (#21). DO NOT remove the filter holder.  Check your model to see if this is necessary. 
Carefully reach in, loosen, and pull the wiring harness connector off of the adaptive defrost control board (ADC), then remove the board (ADC).
As you slide the cover, lightly push up on the cover near the two tabs (with your thumbs), while sliding the cover (#21) towards you.  You have to pull the cover while releasing the tab (locks) by pushing up, then slide out.  This may require a little up/down movement.
Note:  Different models are sometimes used to illustrate.  Your model may have more or less parts and/or they may be different in other ways. 
This is what the tab looks like on top of the cover.
Do NOT remove the damper housing [tunnel] (and foam insulation, gasket, # 14, 15, 16,) that run along the left side of the top of the freezer wall.  You might have difficulty in lining it back up.
Note: Do not loosen the water filter holder if it is not preventing you from dropping the heat shield (#19) and/or the control shield (#1) or light shield cover (#21).
Drop down the heat shield assembly (#19) (just the front).  On some models the damper/temperature control panel housing (#1) is attached, and both will drop as one unit.  The ADC is located in the right rear.  Your model may have the ADC attached to the housing with one or two small screws.

You can support the damper housing/insulation with a cardboard box or similar object. 
Don't bend and twist parts any more than absolutely necessary.
It is not necessary to drop the damper/temperature control housing (#1) down this far.  Some have struggled to reattach some parts after doing this.  Keep it simple!
Reassemble the housing in reverse order, and plug in the refrigerator. 
Grip the connector with one hand and the board with the other hand. Do NOT pull on the wires!
Three views of the heat shield #19
Looking upwards from the glass shelf inside the refrigerator
You can support the damper housing/insulation with a box or similar object. (see illustration below)
These are examples--your model may be different. 
Tip: Read through all the steps before actually removing anything!

Water Filter Holder

:  Loosen screws or not?
*See note on Step-4--Water Filter Holder
Detached Wiring Harness Connector
Connect the wiring harness to the new adaptive defrost control board, then insert it into the control panel housing (#1). 
New ADC with Plastic Case
Attach Wiring Harness Connector
The kit should come with instructions.
Different ADC Board


for this Maytag
Secure the board to the housing using the screws that you removed, if applicable to your model.
If you own a headlamp, this is a good time to use it!
...and reference it while viewing this page!
The New One

Heat Shield Assembly

(#19) and

Damper/Temperature Control Panel Housing

Just let it hang down with support--don't try to remove it!
No Screws
I know what you're thinking.  "I have seen this before, and it is okay."  Well do you feel lucky?
Do you?
Your ADC may have one or two screws fastening it to the housing (#1) from underneath.  Remove them, then remove the ADC.

Light Shield Cover

Replacing the ADC
Replace the screws by reversing the procedure used to remove them--if applicable.
The ADC isn't that large! (inches)
Your connector may be white or another color.
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