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Millennial or Not


Baby Boomers...Generation X...Millennials...Generation Z...Generation Alpha

Baby Boomers

Born 1946-1964
     You may hear the expression, "they are millennials."  Based on what we know about stereotyping and generalizations, can we attribute characteristics to everyone in a particular group?

     Does the word "millennials"cover anybody below the age of 18 as used by some or does their actual birth period make the determination?  Let's take a quick look at what names are given to the varies age groups.

Generation X

Born 1965-1980


Born before 1946

Millennials (also know as Generation Y)

Born 1981-1996

Generation Z

Born 1997-2012
Traditionalist:      Born before 1946 (77+ years old)

Baby Boomers:      Born 1946-1964 (59-77 years old)

Generation X:       Born 1965-1980 (43-58 years old)

Millennials:           Born 1981-1996 (27-42 years old)

Generation Z:       Born 1997-2012 (11-26 years old)

Generation Alpha: Born 2010
?-2025 (0-13 years old)
In 2023:

Generation Alpha

Born 2010 (2012?)-2025    ???

Date and Age Range Definitions May Vary According to Different Sources!

Wonder why we cannot come to an agreement on this....or does it really matter?
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