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Floor Cleaner Repair Parts


Floormate Floor Cleaner Repair
Ready to Install the  New Parts
These connectors just screw on and off.
New connectors that you won't use--just the plastic hose part!
Yes, that is the old plastic hose part just to illustrate--I already installed the new one on the Floormate.
Note: When you are replacing the hose, apply a light coat of non-hardening, non-lubricating sealant that is compatible with plastic in the connectors (fittings). The important part here is the "non-hardening and compatible with plastic" part.  Normally, you would apply the paste to the male or hose part, but in this case you can apply a light coating to the outside of the hose (just the part that will be inside the connector) and a light coating to the connector threads.

The non-lubricating part is simply so you won't tighten the hose and plastic connector too much.  Of course, you want to be able to remove the hose and connectors if they need to be replaced in the future. 
Do NOT use any type of adhesive. Some types of pipe sealer contain solvents that may cause problems.  Trying to find a product with all the correct ingredients may require some serious searching.  I tried some pipe dope paste that is non-hardening and is compatible with some plastics.  So far, so good!
FLOORMATE in the horizontal position at this time
     Unscrew the new connectors from the new hose. You will be reusing the old connectors originally installed on the FLOORMATE (unless you were able to find an actual new part, in that case use all of the new parts! P.S.: It has been discontinued!!!!)
     After you apply the sealant, screw the WCA plastic tube back on the hose.  You can do this immediately as the sealant doesn't need any set-up time.  Wipe off any excess sealant--it can get messy!

     Then push the hose back through the hole.  Next, gently push the two rear plastic tabs back into the base as well as the front rectangular tab.
     Sealant is applied on the DH end of the hose and in the connector of the WCA, then screwed on.
Note: You can right click on some items to view an enlarged version
The Duct Hose (plastic tube) is then pushed into the connector with the O-ring installed on the end.
Do NOT apply sealant to the O-ring!
     The Duct Hose is gently snapped back onto the plastic tabs and the clear  Hose Mounting Bracket is reattached with the two Phillips screws.
Replace the hood in reverse order that you removed it, i.e., back first, then sides then front.  Carefully snap the hood tabs into the base holes.

Install the Recovery tank back into the correct position.  Make sure any other parts that you removed are reinstalled.
Time to fire it up!
You are ready to go!
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