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    Are you a professional that is too busy with his/her work or someone who just hasn't had any luck in finding a special someone? Some people are looking to the Internet to find a partner or friend.
    Dating online allows a person to make contact and communicate through the Internet, usually with the objective of developing some type of relationship.  Internet dating services are busy trying to find that perfect match for subscribers to the service.

  Online dating services prove to be very successful, making hundreds of million dollars in the United States last year.  At least from a business standpoint, online dating services appear to be a success.
Baby Boomers, the population born between 1946 and 1964, are making up a large block of online daters.
    The number of online dating site users who are 50+ has grown twice as fast as all other age groups, according to the research firm comScore.  One online dating service has reported a 90 percent increase in users ages 50 to 60, while another boasts that they get 1,000 new members every day.
Increased accessibility with smartphones and other electronic advancements may have something to do with online dating's new popularity.
     Matchmaking and dating services have really taken off in the last years.  It is difficult to turn on the television or look through a magazine (or view a webpage!) without seeing some type of dating or matchmaking ad to get your attention and help you with your search.  

     The Internet has made it possible to date electronically thanks to e-mail, instant messaging, web cams, and smart phones.  You can communicate visually and in real time with a prospective friend or partner.  Of course, some of the caveats (safety) that apply to in-person meetings also apply to "meeting" someone on the web.  The services try to screen people, but an extra bit of caution is wise.
Any type of social interaction (physical or online) can have pros and cons.
+ and -
This is NOT a matchmaking or online dating website.  Use caution if you do visit dating websites or with any online contacts where you divulge personal information.  Search for dating safety tips for additional information to help make your quest a safe one.
This is an article about online dating websites.   This is NOT a sales, dating service or matchmaking website. 
Dating Safety Tips
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Dating Online
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     Some free dating sites, operate on ad based-revenue rather than monthly subscriptions.  These services depend on the ads run on their websites to make money.  The online dater needs to explore what type of service is best for him/her by questioning service management and reading all the details and terms in any contracts. 

     Also, visit the reputable competition to see who has the best deal!  There are many services available, and some of them advertise on TV and have been around for several years.  Reading a book on dating or online dating might be helpful by providing "tips" for dating, e.g., DOs and DON'Ts.

     Unfortunately, you may have to sort through some scam type sites.  Make sure your computer virus protection is up-to-date!

Finally, you have to decide how much effort you want to put into this search.  Don't expect the desired results overnight.  Also, you need to decide if online dating is right for you.  Getting educated about online dating sites/services is one way to do that.
Almost 30 percent
of the 78 million

Baby Boomers

are single.
-2010 U.S. Census
You decide what is a Pro and what is a Con.  "One person's junk is another person's treasure."
--I'm sure this person was talking about objects/possessions, but the same principle can apply.



advantage of online dating

is that you do not have to get ready (dressed, grooming,...) for an actual date, unless you are using a webcam, smart phone or other device that involves real time video.  This may be a "con" for you if you enjoy getting "dressed up."

You don't have to leave your house/apartment to get a date!

You don't have to wait until you meet someone in a bar, grocery store, or one of the other places "the magazines" tell us where to meet someone.  You just go online.

Online dating reduces the odds of being humiliated!  If you don't like someone or s/he doesn't like you--no loss.

You get to "know" a person in a short time period.  Some people love to chat anonymously without "being judged."  This may be a "con" if the person is not being truthful.

You do not need to reveal your name, address and other personal information as you probably would on a physical date.


You donít know who is really behind a profile. 
Use caution!  Anybody can cut-and-paste a photo of another person off the Internet. The anonymity that protects you, unfortunately, may protect some unscrupulous person who is just clowning around or might intend harm.  On some free sites, some may sign up just to check out profiles/photos, while others may be collecting e-mail addresses and other info with the intentions of perpetrating some type of scam.

Some members may misrepresent themselves in their: appearance, financial status, marital status, age and/or gender.  You may be doing this to protect yourself--but remember--it can work both ways.

You don't have physical contact.  This may come later, if this is what you desire.  This may be a "pro" for you if you are just looking for a "distant" relationship.

Some dating sites are free, while others charge a fee.  Pay sites offer more features, as you might suspect. This (
$) can add up over time.
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