Floor Cleaner Machine Repair

So...What is probably the cause of NO suction?
Floormate Floor Cleaner Repair
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View of the Floormate with the handle released,with the recovery tank, water channel and bracket removed
     The two main parts that you will be working with are the Hood-#1 and the Water Channel/Hose-#26You may have to loosen the Nozzle Housing-#22 to adjust the rubber gasket fitting that connects #26 and #22 when reinstalling/replacing #26.
     It may be hard to locate a new water channel hose "assembly" since a number of these parts have been discontinued.  The good news is that the 1 1/4" o.d.  hose from a replacement assembly that is available will fit on the old connections on both ends.
     Also, you will have to remove the lower recovery tank, recovery hose, and the bracket that holds it on the hose.
     The hose is stretched when the Floormate handle is released, i.e., when the unit is in a horizontal position.  Some cracks may be seen in this position that otherwise might have been missed.  It is necessary to remove the hood to see all of the water channel hose to check for other damage as well as to replace it.
    The water channel hose was cracked on this unit.  The crack was not visible when the machine was in the upright position--with the recovery tank in and covered by the water channel bracket.
o.d.=outside diameter
Call or e-mail the seller to confirm size
The new hose will compress to fit the existing connections.
Removing Mid-Section Parts
     Start by removing the recovery tank. Then press the handle release pedal and lay the FLOORMATE in the horizontal position.
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     Next, remove the Hose Mounting Bracket's  (HMB) two Phillips screws.  This is a clear plastic clamp holding
the upper portion of the Water Channel Assembly (
Note the placement here to reinstall.
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Next, remove the Duct Hose--"a hard clear plastic tube"
     The Duct Hose (DH) is connected to the Water Channel Assembly (WCA)---[the soft plastic hose] with a plastic connector with an O-ring inside.  This connector then screws on the WCA.  You may be able to pull this connector off without removing the DH, then unscrew it from the WCA.
     I just removed the Duct Hose (DH)(recovery hose). It is held in place by several small built-in snaps attached to plastic tabs.  Carefully use your fingers/putty knife/flat blade screwdriver to gently pry the clips upward to release the plastic DH.  You can then separate the connector and unscrew the DH from the WCA.
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Note: You can right click on some items to view an enlarged version
Just unscrew the fittings off both ends and just use the hose.
     You will be able to pull the hose through the hole on the other end (under the hood). To remove the other end of the WCA, you need to remove the Hood.
Taking off the  HOOD