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Freebies in boxes
Freebies for Educators:  Freebies>>>Plenty of free samples, resources, products for educators, homeschoolers, parents, students.
dollars sign
Financial Aid:  Grants, Scholarships, Loans>>>How do they Differ?  Where do you find them?  How do you find them?   If you're tired of going to disappointing sites, you'll find everything you need if you are willing to read a few short pages, loaded with information, techniques and links.  Also:   Student Aid   Scholarships   Loans
sheet of grey resume paper
Sample Résumé: How to Write One>>>A simple résumé that you can modify to help you get that job!
sheet of grey cover letter paper

Sample Cover Letter

: How to Write One>>>A basic cover letter that you can modify to help you get an interview!  Elementary and Secondary cover letters are available.
Team of workers
bigger boy bullying smaller boy
Leaders and Leadership:  Are they the same?>>>Do presenters and authors confuse people with these terms?  Do they know the difference?
School Bullies:  Schools, Programs, Help, Cyberbullying>>>Does your school have a program?  What can we do about bullying and cyberbullying?  What can bystanders do?
music notes
School Songs:  Songs (on the radio) from High School.>>>"School Days."  What songs remind you of your school days?  Memories: Here are some "Songs, Nursery Rhymes and Lyrics from Elementary School."
Textbooks New vs. Used>>>Are new textbooks "better" than used? Should you buy online, at the school bookstore, or from another student?
Teenagers:  Learning to Drive>>>Teen Drivers:  Motor Vehicle Crashes are the Leading Cause of Death.  Does this mean that all teens are careless "bad" drivers?

Educators   Financial Aid   Future Teachers

abc plans
Lesson Plans:   How to write one>>> A map of where we need to go and how to get there. Basic and detailed samples.
laptop computer
Computers in Education:  Do children spend too much time on the computer?  Is your school spying on you?  Where can I find some information about internet safety?>>> How does computer time affect interpersonal skills?
computer girl
Online Games:  Do you like to play free online games?>>>Is the learning style of a student influenced by the "electronics" culture? Also>>>Brain Games-Games to help your brain power.
party balloons
Fundraising:   Looking for ideas for fundraisers?>>>Search this article for some ideas about raising money for schools and other organizations.
chain links
Education Links:  Where do I find some links to other education sources like>>>the education departments, Praxis site, departmental?
Future Teachers:   How do I become a teacher?>>>Which college should I attend? How do I finance my education?
schedule board
College Course Schedule: A sample>>>eight-semester schedule (4 years) of courses illustrates a framework for completing an education certification program.
funny teacher caricature
Buying a New Computer:  Trouble making a choice when buying a new computer--for school-work-home?>>>Help Selecting, Checklist, Tablets
cell phone
Cell Phones:  Does a student need one in school?>>>Pros and Cons
Asbestos:  Is your school hazardous to your health?>>>Asbestos in the Schools  Also: Mesothelioma
School Jokes: School Humor--Contains pages of elementary through college jokes>>> Jokes and stories, real or imagined, help us "take a break" from a stressful day.  Maybe you were the "jokester."
small heart-date
Dating Online--Are you a professional that is too busy with his/her work or someone who just hasn't had any luck in finding a special someone?  EdDx examines dating online websites.
Direct Manufacturer Coupons--How to decipher the codes to get the coupons you want from the company that makes the product.  EdDx looks at coupon sites. Also: Real Savings Freebies and Coupons.
Grants, Scholarships, and Loans--What do these terms mean?  How much money should I borrow with the type of job I might get? EdDx gives you some things to think about.
Teenage Driver?
Auto Insurance--Trouble understanding auto insurance terms? Not a sales site--just the information you need to know!  EdDx examines auto insurance terms.  Do teen drivers really need car insurance?
inside refrigerator
Refrigerator Defrost System Repair--Is your refrigerator warm but your freezer is cold? EdDx explores the defrost system.  Replacing an ADC?  What if it isn't a defrost problem?  
Stop Choking Your Dog!--If your dog could talk, s/he would probably ask you to take off that collar that is irritating and medically unwise. EdDx examines harness vests for your dog.
Eddy the Yorkie dog
Yorkies--They're So Cute!  Yorkie information I wrote on my old Things you should know before adopting or buying a Yorkshire Terrrier.
seafood enchilada
Seafood Enchilada --Do you remember that delicious dish that one restaurant called the Cancun?  Learn how to make a seafood enchilada at home--Photos, ingredients and directions.
bee with chain links on its back: joke for backlinks on website
Free Online Backlinks Checker --Webmasters--Have you tried to find a free online backlink checker lately?  EDDX examines backlink checkers-2015.  Improving your SEO.
surprised cat
The Best Cat Food --Compare >>> You feed your cat a popular brand advertised on TV--But is your cat getting the nutrition s/he needs?  Eddx examines cat food.
sad face
Seasonal Affective Disorder --Do you feel tired, moody, and depressed? Are you putting on weight and sleeping more than you normally do? Maybe you are experiencing SAD.  EdDx lets the sun shine on SAD.
shower filter
Shower Water Filters --Do you need a filter in your shower? >>> Showering and bathing in chlorinated or chloraminated water may expose us to even more chlorine and chloramine than drinking disinfected water. See how>>EdDx examines protecting your health with a shower filter.
Free TV
Free TV--Are you tired of paying high prices for cable TV or satellite TV?  Television signals are now broadcast with the new ATSC digital standard.  In simple language:  It has been improved--BIG Time!  OTA is free!  You already got it, and now you got to use it.  Find out how many channels you can receive at your location.  EdDx examines free TV OTA.
light switch: turn me on- joke about turning javascript on in web browser
JavaScript --Not JAVA! This is a simple fix to enable you to view websites as they were designed.  It's free, you already got it, but it might not be turned on in your web browser.  EdDx shows you how to turn it on!  Also, update your web browser here (free) : Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer-(...please!).
Amateur Radio --Amateur "Ham" radio operation is a constant learning experience--it doesn't stop with passing an exam!  That's why it is good to have a solid knowledge base to build on.  EDDX examines amateur radio exams, radios, and operations.
amteur radio transceiver
CB radio transceiver
CB Radio--Are you wondering what happened to the CB radio fad of the 60's/70's?  Cell phones have replaced CB as a form of communication to a great degree, but CB allows you to communicate with groups of friends. CB radio is alive and doing well! 
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